GAZ Group presents promising engines for agricultural machinery

Yaroslavsky Engine Plant Avtodiesel of GAZ Group is presenting prospective electronically controlled YaMZ engines for agricultural machinery at the international specialized exhibition of agricultural equipment “Agrosalon 2016”. The exhibition is held from 4 to 7 October in the Crocus Expo Center.


   Yaroslavsky motorny zavod Avtodizel of GAZ Group presents at the exhibition “Agrosalon-2016” YaMZ-530 family engines and YaMZ V6/V8 engines with electronic control for agricultural machinery: YaMZ-53405 for grain and forage harvesters, YaMZ-53625 for new models of Kirovets tractors, YaMZ-65856 for Palesse harvesters. The electronic control of the engines provides high techno-economic and environmental characteristics of the engines (power, torque, fuel consumption) for agricultural machinery, a similar system is already in use in YaMZ engines for other types of vehicles.

GAZ Group has developed a range of high-performance, fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engines of the YaMZ-534 family for grain and forage harvesters. The base model YaMZ-53405 and its versions (YaMZ-53425-53435, -53445), are executed in the power range 60-200 hp and torque 670-790 Nm. The engines have been successfully integrated into the new generation of grain and forage harvesters to be launched into production in 2017. The platform with YaMZ-53405 was created within the framework of the program of import substitution and the high performance of the combines equipped with engines YaMZ engines has been confirmed in field trials of the experimental batch of agricultural vehicles - up to 15% higher than that of the analogues. 


   YaMZ-53625 with 240 hp and torque 900 Nm developed as an alternative to foreign analogues, became a successful basis for the power train of the developing platform for new Kirovets tractors of traction class 4 and the vehicles built on their platform. The modern reliable YaMZ-53625 engine provides high performance indicators of the new tractors in terms of their efficiency, reliability, traction-dynamic characteristics. It is planned that by the end of 2016, Petersburg Tractor Plant will release the experimental-industrial batch, and in 2017 the new Kirovets tractors will be built on the conveyor line.

Based on the V-shaped 8-cylinder engines with electronic control and enhanced features, powerful and economical versions of YaMZ-65852, YaMZ-65853, YaMZ-65856 were developed, with the power range 300 - 450 hp and torque 1275-1962 Nm. The new engines are already in demand by enterprises of the agrarian sector of Russia and Belarus. First of all, these are fodder and grain harvesters of the Palesse family with enhanced technical and economic characteristics produced by Gomselmash and Bryanskselmash. 


   The YaMZ-6585 series engines with fuel feeding battery-type (CRS) system with electronic control underwent profound modernization of the basic elements (cylinder block, cylinder head, supercharger and cooling systems), thereby creating a number of forced versions for perspective Kirovets tractors and Gomselmash harvesters with the power up to 450 hp, ensuring high levels of reliability, including failure-free performance, durability and easiness of repair.

Similar works were carried out on models of YaMZ V6 engines with the CRS system. For example, YaMZ-65654 was the basis for development of the version that successfully passed the tests on combine harvesters KZS-812 produced by Gomselmash.

Simultaneously with the creation of serial production of prospective YaMZ engines for the agrarian sector, the plant is actively working to develop the new operational documentation, training of specialists from service organizations in repairs and maintenance of the new YaMZ models, requiring special knowledge and skills.