In-line 6-cylinder Industrial diesel engine

  • 417 hp


  • 1500 н. м.


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Engine type. 6-cylinder YMZ-530 family diesel engines, 4-stroke, in-line, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled with supercharged air intercooler of the “air-to-air” type installed on the vehicles (without EGR system)

Ecology. The engine meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations on Safety of Inland Water Transport Objects, the Regulations of Russian River Register.

Fuel supply system: of common rail type (ECRS) by R. Bosch.


There is a possibility to install the following:

  • starting preheater;
  • cabin heater.


Characteristics Values
Cylinder bore & stroke, mm 105 х 128
Displacement, liters 6,65
Rated power, gross, kW (hp) 307 (417,5)
Net power (Regulations № 85), kW (hp) 305 (414,7)
RPM, min-1 2100
Max. torque, gross, Nm (kgf.m) 1500 (152,9)
Speed at max. torque, min-1 1500-1600
Min. specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp.h) 195 (143,5)
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW.h (g/hp.h) 206 (151,5)
Engine lifetime, hours 2500
Overall dimensions, mm LхWхH 1298 / 738 / 971
Mass of engine, kg 307 (417,5)


Configurations Application
YMZ-53682-10 Motor boats
Asset 30