In-line 4-cylinder diesel engine

  • EURO-5


  • 700 thous. km


  • 30 thous. км


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Engine type. 4-cylinder YMZ-530 family diesel engines, 4-stroke, in-line, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled with supercharged air intercooler of the “air-to-air” type installed on the vehicles

Engine meets the emission class Euro 5 - UN Regulations No. 49-05G (В2 with EOBD II), № 24-03 - euro-5

Design features

To achieve the emission class euro-5 the following are applied:

  • The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system and РМ-САТ (catalyst converter),
  • FIE (fuel injection equipment) with high energy injection up to 2000 bar.

The upgraded fuel supply system complied with euro-5 includes a new high pressure fuel pump, developed by YZDA specialists and fully adapted for operation with Bosch components.

Ecology. Engine meets the emission class euro-5 - UN Regulations No. 49-05В2 (G with EOBD), № 24-03.


There is a possibility to install the following:

  • pneumatic brake compressor with output up to 350 l/min and up to 500 l/min;
  • steering booster pump;
  • air conditioner compressor;
  • starting preheater and cabin heater;
  • hydraulic pump drive.

The engines may be completed with clutches and gearboxes according to SAE 3 standards.

Fuel supply system and control system. Common rail type, high-energy injection and electronic control unit manufactured by "Bosch".

ECU functions

  • controls the engine;
  • interact with electronic devices of the vehicle via CAN (SAE J 1939);
  • saves the error information in the internal memory
  • performs the functions of on-board diagnostics in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No.49-05 G, according to ISO 15031 and SAE J 1939 standards;
  • performs the function of speed limitation in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 89;
  • performs the function of torque limitation in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 49-05 G;
  • warns the driver about emergency situations by means of the lamps on the vehicle dashboard (engine diagnostics, emergency oil pressure lamp, etc.);
  • performs the function of the emergency protection of the engine;
  • performs joint operation with ESP-vehicle stability control system, emergency brake application, adaptive cruise control (UN Regulations No.13, App. 21, №131) and duplicates of additional body control from the remote operator panel (crane operator).


Characteristics Values
Cylinder bore & stroke, mm 105 х 128
Displacement, liters 4,43
Rated power, gross, kW (hp) 110 (150)
Net power (Regulations № 85), kW (hp) 109,2 (148,5)
RPM, min-1 2300
Max. torque, gross, Nm (kgf.m) 490 (50)
Speed at max. torque, min-1 1200-2100
Min. specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp.h) 197 (145)
Engine lifetime, thous.km 700
Overall dimensions, mm LхWхH 941 / 715 / 976
Mass of engine, kg 480
Ecology (UN Regulations) euro-5 № 49-05G (В2, EOBD II)

Speed ​​characteristics

Speed ​​characteristics


Configurations Application
YMZ-53443-10 GAZ medium-duty trucks, chassis 4х2: GAZon Next
YMZ-53443-20 duty trucks, chassis 4х2: GAZon Next
YMZ-53443-30 PAZ buses with mass up to 10 t: Vector Next
YMZ-53443-40 GAZ medium-duty trucks, chassis 4х4: Sadko Next
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