In-line 4-cylinder diesel engine

  • 96-02


  • 12000 HOURS


  • 190 hp


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Engine type 4-cylinder YMZ-530 family diesel engines, 4-stroke, in-line, with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, water-cooled with supercharged air intercooler of the “air-to-air” type installed on the product (without EGR system).

Engine comply with the requirements of special Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 031/2012 «On Safety of Agricultural and Forestry Tractors and Drawbar Trailers for Them»: UN Regulation No.24-03, UN Regulation No.96-02.

They fulfill the requirements of Stage IIIA.

Fuel supply system: of common rail type (ECRS) by R. Bosch.


There is a possibility to install the following:

  • air conditioner compressor,
  • engine preheating system,
  • cab heater.


Characteristics Values
Cylinder bore & stroke, mm 105 х 128
Displacement, liters 4,43
Rated power, gross, kW (hp) 140 (190)
Net power (Regulations № 85), kW (hp) 139 (189)
RPM, min-1 2200
Max. torque, gross, Nm (kgf.m) 710 (72,5)
Speed at max. torque, min-1 1300-1600
Min. specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp.h) 239 (176)
Engine lifetime, hours 12000
Overall dimensions, mm LхWхH 1037 / 756 / 976
Mass of engine, kg 520
Ecology (UN Regulations) № 96-02


Configurations Application
YMZ-53415 Agricultural tractor К-708.4 (SPb.)
Asset 22