4-cylinder diesel engine

  • EURO-5


  • 700 THOUS.KM


  • 170 hp


  • Description
  • Specification
  • Application


Engine type. 4-cylinder gas engine (CNG) of the YaMZ-530 family, 4-stroke, in-line cylinders, spark ignition, liquid-cooled, turbocharged with supercharged air cooling in air-to-air exchanger installed on the vehicle. Compression ratio is 12.

Ecology. Emissions comply with environmental class 5 – TR CU 018/2011, UN Regulations No.49-05В2 (G) - Euro 5

Fuel supply system. Of common rail type by Westport

Gearbox and clutch. SAE 3


Characteristics Values
Cylinder bore & stroke, mm 105 / 128
Displacement, liters 4,43
Rated power, gross, kW (hp) 125 (170)
Net power (Regulations № 85), kW (hp) 124(168,5)
RPM, min-1 2300±25
Max. torque, gross, Nm (kgf.m) 590 (60)
Max. torque, (UN Regulations No.85), Nm (Kgf.m) 580 (59,2)
Speed at max. torque, min-1 1200-1800
Min. specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp.h) 179 (0,266)
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW.h (g/hp.h) 186,5 (0,277)
Gas consumption per hour at rated power gross, norm.m3/h 27,7
Burning oil consumption: specific, g/(kW· h) / g/(h.p.· h) 0,22 (0,16)
Burning oil consumption: relative, % from fuel consumption 0,1
Engine lifetime, thous.km 700
Warranty operation time, km 100 000
Engine dry weight, kg 460
Weight of oiled engine as a complete set, kg 540
Fuel supply system of common rail type by Westport
Gearbox and clutch SAE 3
Ecology (UN Regulations) UN Regulations No. 49-05В2 (G) - Euro 5
Average noise level, dB(А) 92,5
Application PAZ 53414 – bus PAZ-320412 up to14 t; 53414-10 - bus KAVZ-4235


Configurations Application
YMZ-53414 bus PAZ-320412 up to14 t
YMZ-53414-10 bus KAVZ-4235
YMZ-53414-20 MAZ medium-duty trucks