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    Multipurpose in-line and V-type diesel engines YMZ with high technical and economic performance of a 120-800 hp power range meeting the ecological parameters up to the 5th environmental class (euro-5).

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    Gearboxes and clutches

    «Avtodizel» serially produces mechanical gearboxes for implementation in YMZ diesel engines with power 180 - 420 hp,  single-disk and double-disk clutches for implementation in V-type YMZ diesel engines.
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    Generating Sets

    “Avtodizel” produces wide range of diesel electric power generating sets of AD series with power 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 160, 200, 240, 250, 315, 320, 400, 440 kW. Serial complete sets are produced on basis of high-power, reliable and economy YMZ engines.

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    Spare parts

    "Avtodizel" offers a wide range of original YMZ spare parts - more than 5,300 items. They are components and units for YMZ engines, gearboxes, PTOs (powert-take-off mechanism), clutches, including own-produced components and purchased components approved by the manufacturer for the supply to the main assembly line.
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Yaroslavl Engine Plant

World technological level of production quality

Today Avtodiesel is one of the major Russian manufacturers of multipurpose diesel engines, clutches, gearboxes and spare parts for them, as well as stationary units based on them.

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